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CES Academy is a provider of the best real estate education in the country. Backed up with 30 years of first hand experience in the industry, our goal is to refresh practitioners with the fundamentals of real estate as a profession through seminars, and teach the latest trends and practices.


Greetings to all real estate salespersons, brokers, appraisers, businessmen, entrepreneurs and all aspiring professionals and business enthusiasts!

We are joining 'The Freelance Fair 2016'! 

15-hr CPD: Foreclosure - Buying, Selling and Brokering

How do you feel about a foreclosed property?

Bad news is, a lot of people actually think that when there's foreclosure, it's either a troubled homeowner loses everything in an auction or an investor gets a really nice profit from the property. What we don't know is, we can actually create a win-win situation that can benefit both parties. Well that's good news, isn't it? As a real estate practitioner, you can maximize the potential of being in the buying and selling of acquired assets either for profit or commission. Know how it is done, learn the step by step process in acquiring and disposing, note key strategies to earn from this industry. 

Join us in this 2-day continuing education and explore your opportunities!


15-hr CPD: Be Your Own Project Developer (know the ropes of small scale development)

Looking to expand your borders in real estate practice or business, consider being your own project developer which starts with small scale developments. From buying to selling, renovating to selling, building from ground up to selling. Whichever way you want it, you are your own developer. Have the technical knowledge and gain confidence in doing this business on a mid term and long term scale. You may attend just to satisfy your curiosity on what goes in a developer's mindset. A lot say that this is a financially rewarding aspect of real estate, see for yourself! 

Take the first step. Join us in a 2-day continuing professional development that will introduce you to your dream real estate business.