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CES Academy is a provider of the best real estate education in the country. Backed up with 30 years of first hand experience in the industry, our goal is to refresh practitioners with the fundamentals of real estate as a profession through seminars, and teach the latest trends and practices.

CPD: Putting Up a Real Estate Company this May!

Developing a business plan may seem a daunting task. A lot of concepts are being considered, from marketing sales to accounting records, you should get them all to formulate that perfect strategy in achieving the business' feasibility and goals. However, is it enough to simply plot your ideas using a business template?  

BAGUIO CRES for 2015 Appraiser's Licensure Exam

Is your work schedule or other commitments not permitting you to catch the last batches of comprehensive real estate seminar this 2015? Well, CES Academy is bringing one more APPRAISERS CRES up north!

CPD: Taxation 101 on Real Estate this May 2015!

At a time when our government is up at their most driven campaign to collect taxes, WOULD YOU CHOOSE TO NEGLECT AND SIMPLY NOT CARE? 

Specifically in real estate, it is our responsibility as professionals to protect our transactions whether a sale, donation or transferring a property of a deceased from being penalized or be eaten up by overdue taxes.

CPD: Estate Planning and Inheritance Division Last Week of April!


It is NEVER TOO EARLY to plan and conserve your hard-earned estate to your clan. Have the peace of mind and heart, that when the time comes you have to leave your children and the next to them, you are able to provide an orderly distributed wealth. 

GENERAL REVIEW for Broker's Licensure Exam this 2015

The most-talked about exam in real estate is coming next month! Are you fully ready to take the 400-item test? OR do you wish to have one more review of the topics that missed and didn't quite get well with your understanding when taking the CRES?