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CES Academy is a provider of the best real estate education in the country. Backed up with 30 years of first hand experience in the industry, our goal is to refresh practitioners with the fundamentals of real estate as a profession through seminars, and teach the latest trends and practices.

120-hr APPRAISERS CRES Starting April 24!

CES Academy will be having once again a 120 hour CRES for aspiring appraisers who wish to take the PRC licensure exam on August 30, 2015.

BOARD RESOLUTION No. 921 and 922: Recently Approved IRR by HLURB

"Ignorance of the law is no excuse" - A common saying we often hear when we talk about maintaining order.

To become a real estate professional entails compliance to the implementing rules that regulate the industry, and to be able to comply correctly, it is a professional's responsibility to always beware of changes made in these existing rules.

CPD: Saving Foreclosures this April 2015!

We first define "foreclosure" - A situation in which a homeowner is unable to make full principal and interest payments on his/her mortgage which allows the lender (most of the time, a bank) to seize the property. 

Foreclosure is a sad reality in the industry that not only seizes one's ownership but also leaves the property less than how much its true worth - DO YOU WISH TO END IT ALL HERE?

CPD: Real Estate Staging, Photography and Marketing

We can't deny how the internet has made most of our work and businesses a lot easier. With a simple click on the mouse or a tap on your trackpad, we literally can take a tour and access any information we search for. 

Certainly, you already know the figures how much people rely on digital media. You must be just asking - HOW CAN YOU GET CAUGHT from this ocean of people who also turned to the internet to connect, to share, to search, to market and sell? Are traditional ways of marketing have been totally wiped out by being online?


Maybe "a last" yet another opportunity to become a licensed real estate professional!
Catch Mr. Cesar E. Santos next week, in partnership with TBP Skill Grades Pro as he conducts a 120 hour comprehensive real estate seminar in Baguio.