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CES Academy is a provider of the best real estate education in the country. Backed up with 30 years of first hand experience in the industry, our goal is to refresh practitioners with the fundamentals of real estate as a profession through seminars, and teach the latest trends and practices.

CPD: Putting Up An Appraisal Company

There's a wide variety of opportunities you can utilize in the industry of real estate. From basic selling of properties, building them, arranging documents to giving value to it, a real estate professional can't run out of chance to profit from this huge mover of the economy.

Salesperson CPD starts this January 2016

As provided last year, CES Academy will be conducting once again a new series of 12hr Continuing Professional Development for our dear salespersons where the first for year 2016 will be happening on the second week!

CPD: Opportunities in Real Estate Brokerage

It's good to look for something new when a year starts. When we list down resolutions, we normally research about what it can do to help us improve, how it can help to make us move forward and how it can simply bring freshness on our different engagements. You'd surely do more when you want to better your career and professional practice. 


To all our students and partners, THANK YOU for allowing us to be part of your productive 2015. We got few days just before the year finally ends and so, we want to wish everyone ahead...

CRES Schedule for 2016 Real Estate Brokers Licensure Exam

Since the upcoming February 2016 exam can be the last opportunity for non-graduates of BS-REM to get a real estate brokers license, CES Academy shall take too in full-swing a comprehensive seminar that will reach aspiring brokers from North to South Luzon as they prepare to step up in the industry.

CPD: Mastering Due Diligence

"CAVEAT EMPTOR" - A familiar saying we always hear when buying a property or commonly known as due diligence. 
Let the buyer beware and take responsible for checking and verifying documents and physical features that bear every detail about a piece of property.

120-hr Comprehensive Real Estate Seminar for 2016 Brokers Exam

This is it!  Read on!

Professional Regulations Commission (PRC) thru Professional Regulatory Board of Real Estate Service (PRBRES) has finally confirmed that the upcoming February 28, 2016 Brokers Exam is now open for FIRST-TIMERS and non-Bachelor of Science on Real Estate Management along with all re-takers. 

October Salesperson CPD

As part of our mission in helping professionalize real estate practice, here's another Continuing Professional Development from our special series of training created for our dear salespersons.

CPD: Estate Planning & Division of Inheritance with UPDATES! October 2015


It is NEVER TOO EARLY to plan and conserve your hard-earned estate to your clan. Have the peace of mind and heart, that when the time comes you have to leave your children and the next to them, you are able to provide an orderly distributed wealth. 

Feb 2016 Brokers Exam General Review

As a PRC-Accredited seminar provider, we are very COMPLIANT and ACCOUNTABLE to PRC and NOT announcing the final dates since PRC has not yet released, as of today, FINAL GUIDELINES/MEMORANDUM on the approval of the 120-hrs for non-BS REM graduates, first-timers.


2016 Brokers Licensure Exam: Your Chance Isn't Over Yet!


CPD: Putting Up a Real Estate Business

Have you thought of owning a real estate company? Building your own business may seem big and impossible. Before you can pull off a whole picture, a lot of aspects are elaborately studied and sometimes may even take long months to launch and finally run the consolidated work. But despite the long process, will you stop from putting into reality your own Realty?

CPD: Powerful Real Estate Presentations

In thousands of house listings offered almost everywhere, HOW CAN YOU MAKE YOUR OWN INVENTORIES STAND OUT FROM THE REST? The advancement of technology allows us to limitlessly be creative in exhibiting anything we offer. With the right mix of materials to use in marketing, pull off an advertising scheme that will effectively catch your target market's attention.

CPD: Flipping vs Building Small Scale Real Estate Properties

BUY & SELL - It's no news how this niche of the real estate business made millions for those who know to spot huge opportunities on pocket-sized properties. Whether you choose to refurbish or build from scratch, with a well-managed Buy & Sell system, you'd be rolling a fortune in no time.

CPD: Traditional vs. Internet Sales and Marketing

In the world of sales, we always get a dispute which marketing does it better? With the numerous launching of real estate listing apps and presentations, is the now uninterrupted technology development have gone totally efficiently far ahead than simple yet clever traditional sales activities?

CPD: Investing in Commercial Real Estate this July!

Commercial properties is one of the three primary kinds of real estate which is solely intended to generate profit. Unlike with a residential use where people simply live, investing in a commercial property takes a different level of responsibility that often requires a considerable startup capital and extensive knowledge on the legality and regulatory aspects of owning one.

CPD: Real Estate Financing

Purchasing a house is no other like paying in a counter for food from the grocery or clothing from a fashion boutique. It involves huge tag prices that are normally completed for years or even decades! Just imagine funding a single purchase for a long time - looks frightening at start yet rewarding when you finished, right?! 

So how do we do it in real estate?! 

CPD: Build and Sell

Real estate is one line of industry where you can plunge into a variety of rewarding careers. Besides of being a professional who may front the sales, who may help pin a tag price or who may advise on how to resolve a unique property case, a real estate practitioner also has an opportunity to extend its venture to constructing the main subject of the business himself - BUILD A HOUSE!

15-hr CPD: Documentation and Registration this June 2015

They often say that each real estate transaction is unique. Therefore, all documents that come with it may just be entirely different from other cases as this process constitute numerous factors from both buyer's and seller's end.

CES Academy in Visayas! Soon!

Often times, jobs that earn through commissions are taken advantage because of the lack of standardization. A gain from a transaction is questioned because of the mentality that a sales agent do not deserve the fee they would demand for taking care of a sale. Moreover, issues of bypassing are also being faced everyday and in effect, just to secure a deal, fees get pulled really low that it comes to a point it doesn't payoff anymore the hard work an agent puts in the job. 

May 2015 Seminar Schedules

Ready that calendar and MARK THE FOLLOWING DATES for 
CES Academy's May 2015 real estate courses

Salesperson CPD this May 2015

The sales force is one of the most regarded arm in any industry. Without their persistence and trading skills, a business can't be fueled to keep moving. Specifically in real estate, it is important that our sales agents' gears are re-calibrated to face new trends and be able to keep up with changes that now prevail in the market.

CPD: Putting Up a Real Estate Company this May!

Developing a business plan may seem a daunting task. A lot of concepts are being considered, from marketing sales to accounting records, you should get them all to formulate that perfect strategy in achieving the business' feasibility and goals. However, is it enough to simply plot your ideas using a business template?  

BAGUIO CRES for 2015 Appraiser's Licensure Exam

Is your work schedule or other commitments not permitting you to catch the last batches of comprehensive real estate seminar this 2015? Well, CES Academy is bringing one more APPRAISERS CRES up north!

CPD: Taxation 101 on Real Estate this May 2015!

At a time when our government is up at their most driven campaign to collect taxes, WOULD YOU CHOOSE TO NEGLECT AND SIMPLY NOT CARE? 

Specifically in real estate, it is our responsibility as professionals to protect our transactions whether a sale, donation or transferring a property of a deceased from being penalized or be eaten up by overdue taxes.

CPD: Estate Planning and Inheritance Division Last Week of April!


It is NEVER TOO EARLY to plan and conserve your hard-earned estate to your clan. Have the peace of mind and heart, that when the time comes you have to leave your children and the next to them, you are able to provide an orderly distributed wealth. 

GENERAL REVIEW for Broker's Licensure Exam this 2015

The most-talked about exam in real estate is coming next month! Are you fully ready to take the 400-item test? OR do you wish to have one more review of the topics that missed and didn't quite get well with your understanding when taking the CRES? 

120-hr APPRAISERS CRES Starting April 24!

CES Academy will be having once again a 120 hour CRES for aspiring appraisers who wish to take the PRC licensure exam on August 30, 2015.

BOARD RESOLUTION No. 921 and 922: Recently Approved IRR by HLURB

"Ignorance of the law is no excuse" - A common saying we often hear when we talk about maintaining order.

To become a real estate professional entails compliance to the implementing rules that regulate the industry, and to be able to comply correctly, it is a professional's responsibility to always beware of changes made in these existing rules.

CPD: Saving Foreclosures this April 2015!

We first define "foreclosure" - A situation in which a homeowner is unable to make full principal and interest payments on his/her mortgage which allows the lender (most of the time, a bank) to seize the property. 

Foreclosure is a sad reality in the industry that not only seizes one's ownership but also leaves the property less than how much its true worth - DO YOU WISH TO END IT ALL HERE?

CPD: Real Estate Staging, Photography and Marketing

We can't deny how the internet has made most of our work and businesses a lot easier. With a simple click on the mouse or a tap on your trackpad, we literally can take a tour and access any information we search for. 

Certainly, you already know the figures how much people rely on digital media. You must be just asking - HOW CAN YOU GET CAUGHT from this ocean of people who also turned to the internet to connect, to share, to search, to market and sell? Are traditional ways of marketing have been totally wiped out by being online?


Maybe "a last" yet another opportunity to become a licensed real estate professional!
Catch Mr. Cesar E. Santos next week, in partnership with TBP Skill Grades Pro as he conducts a 120 hour comprehensive real estate seminar in Baguio. 

CPD: Leasing and Property Management this First Week of March!

To have a property for rent sure comes on the top list of a person's dream investments. Who would not want to enjoy a passive income from giving the right to use of a property while you can retain your ownership over it - Seems easy isn't? 

Salespersons' CPD this April!

It was January 21-22, 2015 when our first seminar for salespersons was successfully concluded. 

As the fuel that produces sales for their respective companies, these sales people deserve to be well-fed by information, technical know-how and other pertinent details on how to engage professionally in real estate. 



In an industry where every property (our subject of business) is unique and values are greatly affected by its distinct characteristics, there is always The Real Estate Appraiser that saves the day! May it be determining mortgage loans, settling estates and taxation, or even setting a sale price accordingly, make sure your property gets assessed with the most justifiable value it deserves.


15-hour CPD: From a Real Estate Agent to a Real Estate Business

After getting that license to sell, it is just conventional that a real estate professional affiliate him/herself to an established developer to gain experience and secure income while offering all of its inventories in the market. 

IT'S NOW OR NEVER!: Be a Licensed Real Estate Professional

It was September 2011 when by virtue of RA No. 9646 also known as the "Real Estate Service Act" (RESA), the Bachelor of Science in Real Estate Management (BS REM) was formally approved and implemented. What can this mean to us?