How To Renew your Real Estate License at PRC

Just like any government ID, our real estate professional licenses from the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) have certain validity periods. For brokers, appraisers, assessors and consultants,

license has to be renewed every three (3) years. For salespersons, the license is valid for one year. Specifically, they are valid until your birthday on that year of expiration.

How do I renew?
What are the requirements?
How much do I have to pay?
Can someone renew on my behalf?

Here is a step-by-step guide on the requirements and the procedures  in the renewal of your professional license.


1. Prepare the following requirements:
  • Passport-sized photos with nametag on white background
  • Original and photocopy of any government ID
  • Original and photocopy of PRC license
  • Surety bond (premium worth P20,000.00 valid for 3 years, obligee: PRC and HLURB for broker; PRC for appraiser; no surety bond for consultants, assessors and salespersons)
  • Notarized Continuing Professional Education (CPE) certificate from a PRC-accredited CPD provider
  • Certificate of Membership and in Good Standing from PHILRES
2. Get a renewal stub form from the Standards and Inspection Division of PRC. Fill up the required fields and attach your photo.

This is provided for free by PRC.

3. Go to the Application Division and submit your documents/requirements. Once approved, pay P480 renewal fee to the cashier.

4. Claim your new ID on the scheduled date by presenting your claim stub and official receipt. We've been told that you can now simply wait for your ID to be released on the same day that you renewed your license.

Because of some internal concerns, PRBRES has advised the satellite renewal centers in all SM Malls to NOT ACCEPT any renewal for real estate professions: broker, appraiser, consultant, assessor and salesperson.   

Can a representative renew on my behalf?
Yes, as long as the representative is duly-authorized, by presenting a letter of authority or Special Power of Attorney (SPA) from the professional.

For more information, visit the PRC website