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CES Academy is a provider of the best real estate education in the country. Backed up with 30 years of first hand experience in the industry, our goal is to refresh practitioners with the fundamentals of real estate as a profession through seminars, and teach the latest trends and practices.

This Christmas, It's Time to Give, Hope and Love

It has been a month since our kababayans from Leyte, Samar and other affected regions in the Visayas, were faced with the wrath of super typhoonYolanda. The destruction it brought out silenced us all - from homes washed away, to livelihood lost, and ultimately, to thousands of lives perished in mere seconds. 

Our country has not completely recovered from the recent catastrophe from the recent catastrophe Cebu and Bohol, and we were challenged by yet another national disaster. 

Inspite of all the overwhelming devastation that fractured our fellowmen, we chose to prove that the Filipino spirit is STRONGER than any earthquake or typhoon. 

As always, CESSON Group of companies spearheaded in the collection of donations (in kind or cash) from its partners, but little did we know that we had a bigger role along the way. And we wanted to share the experience with you.

We were told that our friends from investment firm GL Advisor have been entrusted with a generous amount of donation from their clients, and that they are immediately planning a trip to the unreached towns in Samar and Leyte. Food, hygiene packs, clothes and slippers were the most needed. Quickly, we offered our donations AND manpower capability, and shortly after, we were making our weekend count by packing and organizing 800 sets of relief goods. 

Word came out of this huge effort that another group of friends volunteered to answer 800 sets of hygiene kits to pair with our relief bags. 

The photos will tell you the remarkable weekend that had been. To see it in photos is inspiring, to be part of it is moving. 

Collating all efforts made, a total of 2,400 relief and hygiene bags were given straight to the hands of our kababayans in Samar and Leyte. The team was also able to bring medicines, clothes, blankets, and 600 pairs of children's and adult's slippers. 

Time and again, we have witnessed how, in the toughest circumstances, the desire to help and give can conquer anything. We couldn't help but take reference to a principle of value: PLOTTAGE - how several groups with their respective ways of helping made the decision to do a collaborative effort, in order to accomplish a greater, bolder task. 

We called ourselves "a team of teams."

There are too many groups, much more individuals to mention, but you know who you are, and we are GRATEFUL for your tremendous help.

As we cap off this year, we only wish that we carry on in 2014 the humbling experience of helping and sharing, and that our small actions may inspire others to do the same as well. 

and may we all have a wonderful 2014!

120-hour Broker's Seminar BATCH 10 Starts this January 24, 2014!

Due to insistent public demand, we are opening our LAST 120-HOUR Comprehensive Real Estate Seminar in preparation for the March 2014 PRC Broker's Licensure Exam!

Seminar Fee: P20,000
Includes: tax charges, AM & PM Snacks, Lunch with drinks, review materials, notarized certificate, 
free-flowing coffee and tea station, nuts and candies, FREE CONSULTATION 
 How to reserve?
1. Call us to confirm for availability of slots.

Landline: 9417929
Cellphone: 09174996544
Email: cesacademy@cesson.com.ph

2. Reserve your slot through the following:
  • Direct bank deposit: P6,000 reservation fee to our bank account:
Account Name: Cesar E Santos Real Estate Academy Inc.
Account Number: 6510023112
Bank: BDO Marikina Bayan-Bayanan Branch
  • Direct payment at our office: 6 T. Bugallon Street, Bayan Bayanan Avenue, Marikina Heights, Marikina City. Office hours: 9am to 6pm.
3. Send us your deposit slip with your COMPLETE NAME, CELLPHONE NUMBER, EMAIL ADDRESS. Indicate the code: BATCH 10 BROKER CRES. You may send via fax or email.

Here's a tentative course outline for our 12-day run:

 Here's the venue of our seminar:
Parking is limited in the venue, so we strongly suggest you carpool or take public transportation instead. The closest parking facility available is at SM Cubao or Farmer's Market, approximately 10 minutes walk from the venue.
Hurry if you don't want to miss a slot!

Call us at 9417929/09174996544
Email us at cesacademy@cesson.com.ph

We're officially PRC-ACCREDITED!

It's finally out!

After several months of waiting, we are at last, proudly announcing that CESAR E. SANTOS REAL ESTATE ACADEMY, INC. is officially accredited as a provider of real estate service training/program by the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC).

Via Resolution No. 34-2013, dated and signed last November 11, 2013, CES Academy has earned its Accreditation No. 009 from the PRBRES Board Members, led by Chairman Eduardo G. Ong, and the approval of PRC Chairperson Teresita Manzala and Commissioner Jennifer Jardin-Manalili.

Below is the complete text of the Resolution:

From CPE to CPD: PRC Releases Revised Guidelines on CPE Crediting

Since PRC took the administration of real estate practice in the Philippines, the Commission has been able to approve and release professional licenses to brokers, appraisers, consultants and assessors, and recently accredited a few thousands of salespersons, whether they are examination passers, or DTI-transferees via the "grandfather clause."

The first batch of real estate professionals under PRC was registered last November 2011, thus, this three years after, which will be this November 2013, we expect that there will be practitioners coming back to PRC to, this time, RENEW their license. Likewise, after a very successful first real estate licensure examination for all three professions last 2011, those who took and passed during that time are now also preparing for the renewal beginning 2014. So does the 2012 and 2013 passers, and so on and so forth. 

Now, HOW TO RENEW? Find out the steps and requirements here

Most of us have heard about the newest resolution that PRC released last July 25, 2013 - this is PRC Resolution 2013-774: The Revised Guidelines on the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Program for All Registered and Licensed Professionals. The resolution, which supposedly took effect last August 10, 2013 (15 days after publication), was a commission-wide ruling, therefore, it affects all boards, real estate service included.

These are the SALIENT FEATURES of Resolution 2013-774:

From CPE to CPD 
Continuing Professional Education (CPE), which is a major requirement for one renewing their PRC license, is now changed into Continuing Professional Development, or CPD for short. 

Creation of CPDC 
The resolution requires every professional regulatory board (PRB) to create a Continuing Professional Development Council (CPDC), subject to approval by the Commission. 
  • Its main purpose is to regulate and evaluate the application and accreditation of CPD programs, providers, lecturers. 
  • It shall be composed of a chairperson and two members, subject to certain qualifications and limitations.
Application and Accreditation of CPD Providers
Both an individual and an SEC-registered company may apply for CPD Provider Accreditation, subject to qualifications, limitations and requirements, and valid for three (3) years and renewable for another three years, depending on the CPDC's evaluation of their performance and compliance to the Council.

CPD Programs Not Limited to Face-to-Face Seminars
While the "easiest" (or some call "traditional) way of earning CPD units is through physical attendance in classroom seminars, workshops and/or trainings provided by independent providers and local realty boards, the CPDC will now grant credit other "sources of learning", which are the following:
  • Self Directed Learning - on-line trainings, local/international seminars/non-degree courses, institution/company-sponsored training programs, and the like which did not undergo CPD accreditation but may be applied for and awarded CPD units by the respective CPD Councils
  • Lifelong Learning - all learning activities undertaken throughout life for the development of competencies and qualifications.
Section 20: A maximum of 15 credit units may be credited to a professional for self-directed and/or lifelong learning within the 3-year compliance period. Any excess shall not be carried over to the next 3-year period.
  • Authorship - creation of a new idea/work such as technical or professional books, instructional materials, and the like.
  • Invention/Patent - a technical solution to a problem in any field of human activity which is new, involves an inventive step and is industrially applicable. 
Section 20: Inventions shall be given full credit units for the compliance period.
  • Post-graduate Academic Studies - master's or doctoral units/degree earned from a school, college or university, or other institutions recognized by pertinent government bodies.
  • Specialty Training - a non-degree post-graduate training such as residency, externship, specialty and sub-specialty program conducted, or fellowship conferred, by an organization or society, and/or recognized by the pertinent government authority.
Section 19: Any excess credit units shall not be carried over to the next 3-year period, except credit units earned for doctoral and master's degrees or specialty trainings which shall only be credited once during the compliance period. 
CPE requirement: From 60 to 45 units
Out of the 57 professions under PRC, 42 professions are required to earn 45 CPE units. All real estate professions fall under the 45-credit unit matrix, except for salespersons, which are required 30-credit units. 

However, the PRBRES has "verbally" communicated that, despite the 45-credit unit revision, the real estate board is still retaining its original 60-unit requirement. While many questioned the confusion created, PRBRES reiterated that the Boards are independent of each other, and may, subject to appeal and approval by the Commission, impose their own guidelines, as long as they meet the general minimum requirements. 

PRBRES has yet to release a final protocol of guidelines (they are targetting October) to clear out once and for all the questions regarding license renewal, including the use of the same CPE units for those with several real estate professions. But yes, as far as real estate is concerned, the required CPE units is still 60.  

Below is the complete text of Resolution 2013-774:

PRC-Resolution-2013-774 (Guidelines on the CPD)

120-hour Broker's Seminar and Review in Isabela this October!

To all aspiring brokers from Northern Philippines! THIS IS YOUR CHANCE, NOW!

Join us this October for a 120-hour Comprehensive Real Estate Seminar in Santiago City, Isabela!

Call Julie Padilla of PAREB-RBSCI for more details. 

Hope to see you there!

20-hour CPE: Documentation and Registration Workshop

It's not everyday that we convert a lead into a deal - we all know that a one-million peso transaction does not happen overnight. 

So while waiting for that "jackpot," why don't we maximize our knowledge and license in real estate by exploring other "rakets?"

Real estate practice is not only about being a broker for a seller or a buyer - a good real estate professional is someone whose service can be extended up to the nitty-gritty paperworks and legwork that come with every transaction. 

Most brokers avoid the hassle of title transfers and tax payments - but did you know that the best brokers are able to charge as much as P100,000 in service fee? 

Course Outline:
  • RESA Law Updates; How to Renew Licenses
  • Preview of BS Real Estate Management Course
  • BIR Documentary Requirements (Case Studies and Computations)
    • Sale of Real Property - individual transaction
    • Sale of Real Property - corporate transaction 
    • Donation of Real Property - individual transaction
    • Estate Tax (Inheritance) - individual
  • Register of Deeds Documentary Requirements
    • Deed of Sale
    • Deed of Donation
    • Extrajudicial Settlement of Estate
    • Cancellation of Section 7 RA 26
    • Judicial Partition
    • Issuance of New Owner's Certificate of Title
    • Notice of Levy, Execution or Attachment
    • Cancellation/Release of Mortgage
    • Notice of Lis Pendens
    • Certificate of Sale (Foreclosure)
    • Lease Contract
    • Reconstitution (Administrative)
    • Partition Agreement
    • Mortgage
    • Affidavit of Consolidation
    • Consolidation (Levy/Final Bill of Sale)
    • Pacto de Retro Sale
  • Land Registration and Related Laws
    • History of Land Registration in the Philippines
    • Torrens System of Land Registration
    • Land Titles
    • Modes of Acquiring Ownership
    • How to Get OCT
  • Pitfalls in Buying Real Estate
  • Pitfalls in Real Estate Brokerage

Learn this and other income opportunities in our Documentation and Registration Workshop!
Join our 20-hour CPE this September 28 and 29, 2013. 
Earn units for your license renewal, at the same time, 
discover another possible source of income for you!

120-hour Broker's Seminar and Review Starts this October!

Two more weeks before the BATCH 9 Broker's Seminar!
The 120-hour program starts this October 2013!
For those renewing, earn CPE units here!

All brokers, appraisers, consultants, assessors and salespersons renewing and looking for CPE units, 
check out our 12-day calendar and ENROLL NOW!
  How to reserve?
1. Call us to confirm for availability of slots.
Landline: 9417929
Cellphone: 09174996544
Email: cesacademy@cesson.com.ph

2. Reserve your slot through the following:
  • Direct bank deposit: P6,000 reservation fee to our bank account:
Account Name: Cesar E Santos Real Estate Academy Inc.
Account Number: 6510023112
Bank: BDO Marikina Bayan-Bayanan Branch
  • Direct payment at our office: 6 T. Bugallon Street, Bayan Bayanan Avenue, Marikina Heights, Marikina City. Office hours: 9am to 6pm.
3. Send us your deposit slip with your COMPLETE NAME, CELLPHONE NUMBER, EMAIL ADDRESS. Indicate the code: BATCH 9 BROKER CRES. You may send via fax or email.

Hurry if you don't want to miss a slot!

Call us at 9417929/09174996544
Email us at cesacademy@cesson.com.ph

Here's a map of the venue. Parking slots are available at the Enterprise Building (dela Rosa entrance), while commuter buses and jeepneys are available along Ayala Avenue. Venue is also one ride away from Ayala MRT Station.

20-hr CPE this August: BUY, BUILD, SELL!

Ever thought about the possibility of building your own properties to sell? 
Wishful thinking? 
Possible, maybe?

Whatever your answer is, here's a good starter: Property Planning, Building and Managing 101!
A beginner's guide to the 5 Ws and 1 H of  
Real Estate Development, Design, Management and Marketing.

This 20-hour CPE will help you understand the following:
  •  Refresh you with the basic concepts on real estate ownership - Who can buy? Who can sell? What can I buy and sell? 
  • Understand the Building Cycle of Real Estate Properties - From planning, to purchasing, to construction, to management.
  • Learn new ideas in Selling real estate in the Philippines - Marketing strategies that hit the right target markets. 
Who can attend?
  •  Brokers, appraisers, assessors, consultants, salespersons in need of CPE units for the renewal/accreditation of their licenses
  • Budding developers, land owners, who would like to get an orientation on the dealership aspect of real estate 
For more information, contact us at (02)9417929/(0917)4996544
Or email us at cesacademy@cesson.com.ph

Congratulations to our 2013 Appraisers! BE THE BEST!

Congratulations to everyone who passed! Your CES Academy family is SO PROUD OF YOU!

This is another milestone in our institution, 
and WE CAN'T THANK YOU ENOUGH for bringing pride in our team!
To those who didn't make it THIS TIME, remember that there is always NEXT TIME. So keep on pushing, keep on praying, and keep on fighting!

To those who passed, remember the dates: August 14 to 16, 2013 --> this is your schedule of filing for registration at PRC.

CES Academy Goes to Cabanatuan, NE!

Calling all Nueva Ecijano real estate practitioners, GOOD NEWS!

CES Academy will be conducting a 24-hour Continuing Professional Education (CPE) in Cabanatuan on July 27 and 28, 2013. 

Formerly Manrio Hotel,Maharlika Highway, Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija 

What a convenience, right? No need to come to Manila for your license renewal requirement!

Topics to be covered:
  • Review of RA 9646 (Renewal Requirements and Procedure)
  • Opportunities in Real Estate
    • Pitfalls in Brokerage
  • Property Ownership
  • Basic Appraisal (Due Diligence, Lot Plotting)
  • Local and National Taxation
  • Real Estate Marketing Trends and Strategies
  • Social Styles in Real Estate Selling

Formerly Manrio Hotel,Maharlika Highway, Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija

Be The Best! Join our General Review for the 2013 Appraiser's Exam

Are you ready to BE YOUR BEST?

Take this final opportunity to prepare for the exam, THE CES ACADEMY WAY! 

Why review with us?
  • Because we have a realistic passing rate of 80% for the past two PRC licensure exams, 35% higher than the national average rating!
  • Because we have produced more or less 50 topnotchers!
  • Because we want YOU to be part of that too!
Join us for a three-day General Review in preparation for the Appraiser's Licensure Exam on July 21.

Happening on July 12, 13 and 14, at Regalia Tower Suites, P. Tuazon, Cubao, Quezon City.

Fee includes review materials, PRC examination kit, white polo shirt, meals, and mock examinations.

Hope to see you there, future appraisers!

20-hr CPE: Stage. Shoot. Sell! Visual Techniques for Effective Real Estate Marketing

First impression is the key to selling a property.

Therefore, what are the three things you must do in order to create a good and lasting impression?

First, hire a home stager to do the design and styling of your property space.
Second, hire a professional photographer to take pictures of your property.
Third, price your home competitively.

What if you can do step 1 and 2 without spending extra on professional help, and still manage to put VALUE on your property?

If you are the agent or broker, or an appraiser handling working on a property, how do you enhance your subject/listing so that it will give a positive first impression to probably clients?

We've got the perfect module for you!

Join our back-to-back workshop on 
Basic Home Staging and Real Estate Photography!

with Props Stylist/Entrepreneur Beam Mariano
  • Understand the importance and benefits of a well-dressed space
  • Learn and appreciate basic design elements and principles
  • Get started with budget-friendly staging techniques and tips to enhance a space
  • Do actual home-staging with our hands-on workshop and critique
with Photographers Sam Lim and Jojo Gloria
  • Understand the importance and benefits of good photographs
  • Learn and appreciate basic photography concepts
  • Discover easy-to-do photography tricks to capture the "selling points" of the property
  • Do actual interior and landscape photography with our hands-on workshop and critique
On-the-spot accreditation with 
68 Roces Residences and other Eton properties

Who can join:
  • brokers or salespersons especially those into general brokerage
  • appraisers, assessors, for their report attachments
  • property owners, dealers and developers, consultants, sellers
  • anyone who thinks they can have a new career as a home stager or real estate photographer!
Class is limited to 20 students onlyso RESERVE IMMEDIATELY!
First come first serve basis only. 

P3,850 for 20 hours credit (less P300 for CESA students)
P2,050 for 12 hours credit (less P200 for CESA students)

Includes: Meals, notarized certificate, handouts (bring your own camera)

For reservation/further information: 
Call Tricia at 9417929/09178227390; email us at cesacademy@cesson.com.ph

PRBRES Approves Registration of New Brokers and Appraisers (without Examination)

The Professional Regulatory Board of Real Estate Service (PRBRES) has approved applications of real estate practitioners for registration without examination.

Resolution 18-2013, which was signed in April 17, 2013, has approved the following APPRAISERS:
Meanwhile, Resolution 19-2013, which was signed in May 3, 2013, has approved the following BROKERS:
All approved practitioners are advised to come to the PRC to register themselves and submit the remaining documents required.

UPDATED: PRBRES Approves Salespersons' Accreditation

Good news for real estate salespersons! 

The Professional Regulatory Board of Real Estate Service (PRBRES) has FINALLY begun releasing names of salespersons approved for accreditation!

The following resolutions were released via the PRC website:
  • Resolution 1-2012 signed on January 13, 2012, approving 82 salespersons
  • Resolution 5-2013 signed on February 12, 2013, approving 57 salespersons
  • Resolution 6-2013 signed on February 12, 2013, approving 136 salespersons
  • Resolution 11-2013 signed on February 28, 2013, approving 170 salespersons
  • Resolution 12-2013 signed on March 15, 2013, approving 173 salespersons
  • Resolution 13-2013 signed on March 15, 2013, approving 201 salespersons
  • Resolution 17-2013 signed on April 3, 2013, approving 106 salespersons
  • Resolution 20-2013 signed on May 7, 2013 approving 112 salespersons
That's a total of 1,037 salespersons to date!
This is definitely a GOOD NEWS especially to those who applied and successfully beat the December 31, 2011 deadline. It has been almost two years of waiting, you can imagine how frustrated and almost hopeless our fellow real estate practitioners because it seemed to them like nothing would happen in their applications anymore. Given that more and more developers are taking RESA Law seriously, not having a license from PRC could mean losing career opportunities and possible earnings.

What is even nicer is that, apart from the names of the approved salespersons, their corresponding real estate brokers (with license numbers) are also reflected on the list! This is a sign of integrity from the Board, making sure that the accredited salespersons are represented by licensed and legitimate real estate brokers. 

With this recent development, everyone from the real estate industry can only hope that the Board will continuously release further resolutions for the hundreds or thousands more that applied since 2011. Likewise, we expect that the turn of events will contribute into more enthusiastic real estate agents.

That said, we encourage all real estate salespersons (and brokers who are handling agents) to attend our upcoming CPE seminars! Or, if you are from a realty firm, developer, or any marketing group, we can provide an EXCLUSIVE 12-hour CPE run for you!

 Are you or your agent part of the list? Check out the list of names below!


20-hr CPE: Basic Real Estate Photography this JUNE!

They say pictures are worth a thousand words. For real estate, they are worth much,much more.

A study by the National Association of Realtors said that 80% of real estate sales and transactions began online, and that 83% of the buyers cited photographs as the top useful tool in their search and eventually, decision-making.

Good photos tell you that a property has VALUE, and highlighting value rather than the price to pay makes buying more convincing rather than traumatizing.

What are the benefits of taking good real estate photographs? According to Vivian Toy of New York Times:
  1.  The first and sometimes the only impression a buyer gets of a home is online photos.
  2. Good photos generate initial interest in buyers.
  3. When you look at the difference between professional photos and the ones taken by the brokers, it's not hard to see that you get what you pay for.
While most real estate companies hire professional photographers to do the job, any ordinary person can actually produce well-executed marketing photo, at an extremely lower cost! All you need is your point-and-shoot camera!

Attend our 20-hour CPE on Real Estate Photography Appreciation and Workshop, 
happening in JUNE!

Partner venue: 68 Roces Residences
Roces Avenue, Quezon City 

This module is ideal for:
  • brokers or salespersons especially those into general brokerage
  • appraisers, assessors for their report attachments
  • anyone who thinks they can pursue an additional career as a real estate photographer
Fees: P3,550 for 20 credit hours, P1,850 for 12 credit hours
Inclusions: materials, food, notarized certificate (bring your own camera)
Venue: QC/Pasig area (final details to follow)

For inquiries:
Call us: 9417929
Text us: 09174996544
Email us: cesacademy@cesson.com.ph

Enroll now, and make every pixel count!

20-hour CPE: A,B,Sell! Building Blocks for Real Estate Brokerage!

P500 DISCOUNT to all CES Academy students, 

Are you a new passer who has zero real estate background?
Are you a licensed broker already but hasn't really practiced the profession?
Are you a salesperson who wants to stand out in the pool of sellers?
Or are you simply a real estate owner, developer or investor wanting to find out the basic ins and outs of the business?

This is the perfect course for you!

A,B,Sell: The Building Blocks of Real Estate Brokerage
is a 2-day program that teaches us the fundamentals of real estate selling. The module starts with a review of the Real Estate Act of the Philippines, then breaks down the basic selling cycle, with emphasis on marketing tips, trends and techniques. Capping of the program is a thorough discussion and consultation on what every practitioner has to know on the legal side of a sale, mortgage and lease.

HERE'S MORE! This seminar gives you 20-hours worth of Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits, one of the requirements in your professional license renewal! LEARN AND EARN!

Read more: What are the steps in renewing for your license?


Dates: April 27 and 28, 2013

Venue: Avida Sales Corp. Building, Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong City

P3,550 - 20 hours credit
P1,850 - 12 hours credit (for salespersons)
*All rates are net of Tax

- Notarized certificate (Requirement for license renewal)
- Handouts
- Morning and afternoon snacks, lunch
- Drinks, unlimited coffee and water

GROUP DISCOUNT for salespersons are available!
Limited slots only; first come, first serve basis


Learn To Earn! Join our 20-hour CPE Modules starting this May!

"There are three ingredients in the good life: 
learning, earning and yearning." - Christopher Morley

Time and again, the most accomplished professionals and entrepreneurs credit their success to continuous learning. They say that the formula to success is a dash of victory, a pinch of failure, and an endless yearning for wisdom in between. 

At CES Academy, we believe in the power of continuous knowledge-building for professional and personal growth. From our exceptional experience in the real estate industry, we are certain that there are diverse opportunities waiting to be explored. As your trusted education provider, we make ourselves your access towards these possibilities!

Thus, we are happy to present to you our series of 20-hour Continuing Professional Education (CPE) programs scheduled this May!

Whether you are a real estate practitioner, an entrepreneur, an investor, or simply a property owner, these courses are definitely NEW, INTERESTING, and WORTH-LEARNING.

PLUS! If you are renewing your license, you can use your NOTARIZED CERTIFICATE from these seminars for your CPE requirement!

All seminars include: materials, food, and notarized certificateWE ARE NOW OPEN FOR ENLISTMENT!

Fees start at P3,550.* Schedules will be posted here soon.

Let's learn and earn!  

How To Renew your Real Estate License at PRC

Just like any government ID, our real estate professional licenses from the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) have certain validity periods. For brokers, appraisers, assessors and consultants,

license has to be renewed every three (3) years. For salespersons, the license is valid for one year. Specifically, they are valid until your birthday on that year of expiration.

How do I renew?
What are the requirements?
How much do I have to pay?
Can someone renew on my behalf?

Here is a step-by-step guide on the requirements and the procedures  in the renewal of your professional license.

A Reminder this Lenten Season

In observance of the Holy Week, our companies will be closed from March 28 (Maundy Thursday) onwards. Operations will resume on April 1 (Monday).

May you have a blessed and meaningful weekend spent with your loved ones. 

How to Get Through the Board Exam...with Flying Colors!

It's the final week. I can hear the eerie sound fading in.

Few more sleeps (or the lack thereof), and you will finally take the exam that you have shed sweat and tears for the past month or two. On July 21, 2013, all roads lead to the PRC testing centers all over the Philippines for the much anticipated Appraiser's Licensure Examination.

So you've read all your books; practically answered and re-answered and then triple answered all the mock examinations distributed; attended group studies, found a study buddy; you even surrendered your social life (and social media life!) until Sunday just so you can focus on studying!


You should be! 

If there is still a cloud of doubt in you, let me, as a two-time PRC real estate examinee like you once-upon-a-time, share some tips/suggestions on how you can be more confident come judgment day:

1. SLEEP. TAKE A BEAUTY REST. RELAX. Especially the day before the exam (Saturday)... or better yet Friday night. This is not the time to cram on missed handouts, or extend until 3 am to review. Remember: you should be in your testing center at 6 am, because the exam will start at exactly 8 am. Do not skip breakfast.

2. CRAMMING WILL NOT HELP, IT WILL ONLY GIVE YOU PANIC ATTACKS. It will also give you eyebags because you did not sleep enough. Study all you want from today until Friday, but come Saturday, you should just be relaxing. Treat yourself to a mani-pedi, a 1 hour massage, or eat a comfort food. Take your mind off the stress and pressure, because it will only make you panic. Stock knowledge (and common sense) is what will help you pass the exam.

3. WHEN STUDYING, FOCUS ON THE KEYWORDS. There are subjects where you don't even need to memorize. Frequent reading contributes to mental retention. Focusing on the keywords will help you answer the questions quickly - one look at the question and a spot on the keyword, then you will right away know which choice of answer to look for.

4. WHEN ALL ELSE FAILS, COMMON SENSE PREVAILS. Common-sense-explanatory, right? :)

5. FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS. If it asks you to use ballpen, do not use pencil. If it asks you to wear white, don't wear blue. If it asks you to leave all your personal belongings at the front, don't leave your cellphone in your pocket. Finally, if the proctor asks you to do something, don't ask them back if you need to do it. The proctors during the real estate licensure exams are much, much more lenient, compared to other PRC exams from other courses/boards. Let's not push their patience to its limits.

6. AVOID ERASURES. CLEANLINESS IS NEXT TO SUCCESS. True story: some examinees failed not because their averages where below 75%, but because "natechnical ako." Remember, the answer sheets are not checked manually. There is a computer that scans the "shadings" in the answer sheets - it can recognize an erasure, so it will detect two answers and the computer will stop. In other occasions, the mere blotting of our black ballpens when we are about to spell out our names and write the subjects can cause technical errors as well.

How do we prevent this?

When you take the exam, you are given two sets of paper: your answer sheets (the Scantron paper-take care of this with your dear life!), and the Set A OR B questionnaire. While you cannot do anything except shade your answers on the former, you can dabble and doodle as much as you can with the latter. The questionnaire (which contains the multiple choices) serves as your scratch paper as well.

My suggestion is: encircle your answer in the questionnaire first, then shade the corresponding letters after every finished page. DO NOT ANSWER ALL 100/200 ITEMS FIRST, THEN SHADE AFTER... that is too risky! PRC doesn't count what you've written or solved in the questionnaire - the Scantron paper is what matters! What you do is answer AND shade per page.

Unsure yet of some of the questions? To prevent erasure, put a BIG ASTERISK (or any symbol that you prefer) on the side of that question, and get back to the unanswered items once you have answered AND shaded all items.

I must warn you though: it is important that you don't get crossed-eyed in the middle of shading. ALWAYS, ALWAYS check if you are at THE RIGHT PAGE, AT THE RIGHT NUMBER. Take it one page at a time. You have enough time to check and recheck your answers.

7. BE CONSCIOUS OF THE TIME...NOT OF YOUR SEATMATE. Don't be intimidated by the pacing of your seatmate, it definitely adds pressure on you, not really helpful if you entertain that during the exam. You have more than enough time to check and recheck your answers. But even though the ratio per item is 1:1 minute 20 seconds, it is better that the final 30-40 minutes of your time are for rechecking your answers, and making sure that the boxes are properly shaded, or that no item is skipped.

8. BRING ONLY THE ESSENTIALS. That includes your PRC Exam kit, your Notice of Admission, and food and drinks (to save hassle from lining up in the limited concessionaires; you can eat in your seat). Bring candies(XO coffee-flavored!). For the past two examinations, bags were allowed, but they were placed at the blackboard area of the classroom, near the proctor. If you are to bring one, just bring whatever you think you will need during the duration of the exam. Do not bring your handouts in the hopes of inserting a few more minutes of review during breaks, because, again let's read pointers 1 and 2.

You can also bring the following: a calculator (any simple calculator will work, scientific calculators are also okay, as long as they are not programmable. List of allowable calculators here.), ruler, sharpener.

Also, if you can ask someone to drop you off in your testing center, or carpool, or commute, the better. Parking will be hard.

9. FORGET EVERYTHING...BUT NOT THE WILL TO PASS! Don't come in for the exam with a frown because you are not convinced that you will succeed. Confidence is not the solution, but it can definitely contribute! It is your source of motivation! You've come a long way just to begin your test with fear and frustration.

And finally...

10. BEGIN AND END YOUR DAY (OR EVERY EXAM) WITH A PRAYER. Come Sunday, everything is lifted up to Him. We only pray for His guidance, His grace, His mercy.   

Good luck to our future real estate appraisers!

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