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It's a LUCKY day for 12 people this 12-12-12!

It's 12-12-12! 
Unless you can make it until January 1, 2101 (1-1-1), this is the last repeated date that we will experience in this century... how historic!

This is such a momentous date to remember and we are not just gonna let this day pass by!

A few more months and it's the Broker's Licensure Examination. Next thing you know your examination permit has been filed and you'll be counting down the days until March 17, 2013! Anyone taking a licensure test would need all the additional confidence to succeed here, and we might just have the PERFECT SOLUTION for that!

What if you can have an EXCLUSIVE REVIEW SESSION with Mr. Cesar Santos, a few days before the exam? HOW'S THAT FOR ADDITIONAL CONFIDENCE? :D

We're excited to tell you that THIS 12-12-12, we are starting a ONCE IN A LIFETIME PROMO (and opportunity!) for all you (future) students of CES ACADEMY! 

And you only need your FACEBOOK to join! 

Here are the mechanics:

1. Simply FOLLOW us on Facebook by liking our page.
2. SHARE our Batch 8 Broker's CRES Ad on your Facebook account, with a caption - "I want to part of CES Academy AND I NEED YOUR LIKES!"
3. Don't forget to TAG CES Academy in your post.
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5. The 12 people with the MOST LIKES win, and get the slot for the EXCLUSIVE REVIEW SESSION!

EASY RIGHT?? Just make sure you qualify, meaning:
- You are enrolled or are enrolling at CES Academy's Batch 8 120-hour Broker's CRES
- You will share the page, and your friends on Facebook will like the photo YOU shared, not the one that is posted in our page.


REMEMBER: You have 12 DAYS to get as many likes as you can in your shared photo! So tell your friends to be extra nice this Christmas and SUPPORT YOU! Deadline is on December 25 midnight... names of the 12 winners will be announced right after!

WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Go to our Facebook page now, share, and like!