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CES Academy is a provider of the best real estate education in the country. Backed up with 30 years of first hand experience in the industry, our goal is to refresh practitioners with the fundamentals of real estate as a profession through seminars, and teach the latest trends and practices.

A Holiday Treat for Future Appraisers!

Merry Christmas from your CES Academy family! Here's to wishing that you were able to spend the holiday season with your loved ones, and that you were overwhelmingly surrounded with love from the special people in your lives.

CES Academy has so much to thank for in 2011, likewise, we cannot wait to jumpstart 2012 with more seminars, workshops and trainings!

Thus, as a way of thanking you all, CES Academy has a SPECIAL TREAT for all those interested to take the Real Estate Appraiser's Examination on July 8, 2011!

Reserve from today, December 25, 2011 until January 15, 2012 in our COMPREHENSIVE REAL ESTATE SEMINAR (CRES) for the Appraiser's Exam, happening on May to June 2012, and get the course for only P17,000 versus the regular rate of P20,000!

Yes, you heard us right! Just reserve for P6,000 to secure your slot, and you automatically avail of this LIMITED PROMO. That's P3,000 savings for you!

For more information, please call us at 9417929 or 09174996544. You may also email us at cesacademy@cesson.com.ph.


Merry Christmas from your real estate family!

Now is the perfect time to do our part in sharing. 
Our brothers and sisters in Mindanao affected by Typhoon Sendong need our support in these trying times.

The simplest means of donation is through our mobile phones. Just text:

 RED AMOUNT to 2899 (Globe) or 4143 (Smart)

You can donate the following denominations PER DAY:
Globe: 5, 25, 100, 300, 500 or 1000
Smart: 10, 25, 50, 100, 300, 500 or 1000

Thank you and have a wonderful holiday season!

PRC Update: Mandatory CPE Bills in Congress

Microsoft Word - PR_Seminar_on_CPE_12122011
Continuing Professional Education (CPE) may soon become mandatory once the pending bills on mandatory CPE filed are approved by Congress. This development Congressman Rufus B. Rodriguez disclosed during a seminar on amendments of the various professional regulatory laws held at the Occupational Safety and Health Center in Quezon City on November 23, 2011. In said seminar, he also cited the need for an action plan to fast track the passage of amendatory bills of several professional regulatory laws filed in Congress.

Under the aegis of the Philippine Association of Professional Regulatory Boards, Inc. (PAPRB), the professional regulatory boards and some accredited professional organizations met to discuss the status of the professional regulatory bills filed in the Senate and House of Representatives. They also sought to formulate an action plan to facilitate the approval of the professional regulatory bills pending in either or both Houses of Congress and to forge cooperation among them on the passage of professional regulatory bills and harmonization of conflicts/overlaps in the practice of some professions.

Professional Regulation Commission Chairperson Teresita R. Manzala, in her message to the PRBs, expressed the Commission’s support to the amendments of the professional regulatory laws. In line with this, she pointed out that PRC has constituted a legislative liaison committee to assist the professional regulatory boards in the amendment of their respective laws.

Aside from Congressman Rufus B. Rodriguez and Chairperson Manzala, representatives from the House Committee on Rules and the office of Senator Antonio Trillanes and PRC Commissioner Jennifer Jardin-Manalili attended the seminar. 

Source: www.prc.gov.ph 

What is your wish this Christmas?

The BATCH 5-Weekday Schedule for Broker's CRES (which begins January 31) is OFFICIALLY CLOSED FOR RESERVATIONS. Likewise, the venue for it will be changed, to be announced THIS WEEK. Options are Makati or Mandaluyong.

To those already enrolled, you will be notified individually via email and text of the new venue. Those who wish to stick to the Cubao venue may transfer to our weekend schedule (February 3,4,5,10,11,12).
Thank you very much.

Due to insistent public demand, we are opening TWO MORE BATCHES of 60-hour Comprehensive Real Estate Seminar (CRES) for the Broker's Exam on February 2012!

Choose between a weekday or weekend schedule.

Remember, these are our FINAL SCHEDULES of seminars before the March 18 2012 Broker's Licensure Examination. The deadline of filing for exam permits is on February 27, 2012. 

Meanwhile, you may also catch our lecturer, Mr. Cesar E. Santos in the following seminars partnered with CES Academy:


Cheers to our newest Real Estate Consultants!

to the 26 passers of the recently- concluded Real Estate Consultant's Exam!
A special mention to the TOP THREE PLACERS:
1. Maria Leonita Q. Go (84.10)
2. Merlito C. Catolico (82.80)
3. Pilar Miranda Torres - Banaag (82.50)

We are proud of each of you, especially those who are products of CES Academy since their humble beginnings as broker examinees.

Truly, you have reached the ultimate status in a real estate career. 
You are now part of the few ABC greats of Real Estate: 
Appraiser, Broker, CONSULTANT!

Here is the formal announcement of PRBES, sa posted at the PRC Website last December 2, 2011:

Ayala Land offers a 60-hour On-the-Job Training Program to Aspiring Brokers

By this time, most of us are probably informed that PRBRES has given provisions on how one can complete the 120-hour real estate seminar and training requirement, in preparation for the March 2012 Broker's Examination. 

Aptly called the "60-60 Conversion," it allows a broker's exam taker in need of 120 hours CRES to credit his/her real estate work experience or training into a 60-hour certification, so that he/she will only need to attend a mandatory 60 hours of face-to-face seminar. 

For complete information regarding the 60-60 conversion, you may review this article.

In line with this, Ayala Land offers to aspiring brokers its OJT Program worth 60 hours of Certification.

The course will include the following:
  • Corporate Overview
  • Core business lines (corporate, commercial, residential, geographic and support businesses)
  • Overview and introduction to the brands: Ayala Land Premier, Alveo Land, Avida Land, Amaia Land
  • Project Technical Briefing
  • On-site Orientation
  • Sales Process and Documentation
  • Sales Immersion

The schedule is as follows:

Modules 1-4:
Dates: December 5,16,22, 2011
Venue: Penthouse for Module 1, Ayala Learning Center (GF) for Modules 2-4,
            Makati Stock Exchange, Ayala Avenue corner Makati Avenue, Makati City
Time: 8:30 am - 5:30 pm

Module 5:
Date: December 27, 2011
Venue: Nuvali and Amaiascapes, Laguna

Module 6: Sales Activity Immersion
Upon completion of the first 5 modules, the trainee will be endorsed to the broker channel group of the brands for sales immersion program, where they will be requested to observe in any of the sales activity. The schedules can be arranged between the trainee and the supervising channel handler.

Module 7: Graduation
Date and venue to follow

For those interested, please comment below or email us your complete contact information (name, cellphone number, email address) and we will send you their registration sheet for proper endorsement. Please put the remark: AYALA OJT PROGRAM.

Covered Residential Groups and Brands:



CES Academy Advisory: Batch 4 NEW VENUE!


The FIRST 60 HOURS of the Batch 4 CRES for Brokers will have a NEW VENUE:

Dates: November 25,26,27, December 2,3,4, 2011
Time: 8 am to 7pm
NEW VENUE: 3rd floor Amphitheater Hall, iAcademy Building, 
                      Ayala Avenue, Makati City
      (beside Enterprise Building, fronting Philippine Stock Exchange)

The venue for the next 60 hours (December 9,10,11,16,17,18) will still be at 
Unit 2114 Cityland Tower 1, Makati City.
For more information, please call:
(02) 9417929


Whether you need 60 or 120 hours, WE HAVE IT FOR YOU!


The FIRST 60 HOURS of the Batch 4 CRES for Brokers will have a NEW VENUE:

Dates: November 25,26,27, December 2,3,4, 2011
Time: 8 am to 7pm
NEW VENUE: 3rd floor Amphitheater Hall, iAcademy Building
                      Ayala Avenue, Makati City
      (beside Enterprise Building, fronting Philippine Stock Exchange)

CMO 28: Policies, Standards and Guidelines for Bachelor of Science in Real Estate Management (BS REM)

Series of 2011

Governing Laws: 
RA 7722 - Higher Education Act of 1994
RA 9646 - Real Estate Service Act of 2009

Program Description:
BS REM Program aims to prepare the graduates for a career in the field of Real Estate Management in various corporations and institutions, whether in the practice of salesmanship, brokerage, appraisal and consultancy, including the local government practice of assessors and appraisers. It prepares students to be pro-active and responsive to the total environment by providing technical, interpersonal and conceptual skills in the areas of real estate management. Theory is blended with practicum activities to give the students a broad and enriched base for a career in real estate service practice. 

Purpose of the Program
To develop a corps of technically competent, responsible and respected real estate service practitioners, whose standards of practice and service shall be globally competitive and will promote the growth of the real estate industry.

1. Provide complete understanding of the concepts, principles, theories and philosophies of business, management, finance, economics, operations and marketing, as applied to real estate service practice.

2. Assist students to seek employment and facilitate the integration process in the real estate corporate environment and local government so they can be immediately productive in the workplace.

3. Help the students to seek employment and entry level jobs as entrepreneurs, marketing executives or positions of responsibility as real estate brokers, appraisers and consultants.

4. Prepare students to formulate real estate project feasibility studies and other related works to build a portfolio attesting to their competence and ability to pursue appropriate careers in the real estate management practice.

5. Prepare civil servants to discharge their functions, duties and responsibilities as government appraisers and assessors of public domain for taxation and other public service purposes.

Professions, Careers Occupation or Trades applicable to BS REM Graduates:
  • Entry Level Jobs per area of specialization
    • Real Estate Brokerage
      • Entrepreneur
      • Management Trainee in Real Estate Brokerage
      • Marketing Assistant
      • Salesperson
      • Executive Assistant
      • Real Estate Marketing Assistant
      • Real Estate Marketing Management Trainee
      • Real Estate Junior Sales Trainee
      • Accounts Personnel
      • Credit and Collection Assistant
    • Real Estate Appraiser
      • Entrepreneur
      • Management Trainee in Real Estate Appraisal
      • Appraisal Assistant
      • Administrative Assistant
      • Executive Assistant
      • Real Estate Junior Appraisal Trainee
      • Credit and Collection Assistant
      • Real Estate Appraisal Analyst
    • Real Estate Consultant
      • Entrepreneur
      • Management Trainee in Real Estate Consultancy
      • Office Assistant
      • Administrative Assistant
      • Real Estate Consultant Assistant
      • Executive Assistant
      • Real Estate Junior Consultancy Trainee
      • New Account Personnel
      • Credit and Collection Assistant
  • Entry level jobs in national/ local governments
    • Local Government Assessor
      • Office Assistant
      • Administrative Assistant
      • Municipal Government Assessor
      • Municipal Government Assistant Assessor
      • City Government Assessor
      • City Government Assistant Assessor
      • Provincial Government Assessor
      • Provincial Government Assistant Assessor
      • Local Assessor Officer 
      • Administrative Assistant in the Assessor's Office 

Curriculum Outline:
     General Education Courses (GE)      - 51 units
     Basic Business Core                          - 21 units
     Management Education Core            - 18 units
     Professional Courses                         - 39 units
     Electives                                            - 15 units
     Practicum                                          - 6 units
     PE/NSTP                                           - 14 units

Basic Business Core Courses:
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Accouting
  • Business Communication
  • Finance
  • Computer II

Management Education Core:
  • Economics
  • Accounting II
  • Business Law
  • Taxation 
  • Human Resource Management
  • Corporate Social Responsibility and Good Governance

Professional Courses:
  • Fundamentals of Real Estate Management
  • Real Estate Marketing and Brokerage
  • Legal Aspects of Real Estate
  • Real Estate Consulting
  • Real Estate Planning and Development
  • Real Estate Appraisal and Property Management
  • Real Estate Consulting and Investment Analysis
  • Principles of Ecology
  • Appraisal and Assessment in the Government Sector
  • Property Management System
  • Real Estate Finance
  • Ethical Standards for Real Estate Practice
  • Real Estate Economics
  • Human and Physical Geography
  • Real Estate Brokerage
  • Housing and Subdivision Development
  • Consulting for Specific Engagements
  • Condominium Concept and Other Specialized Development
  • Internet Technology in Real Estate  

*Credits to PAREB National for the information.

CHED: BS Real Estate Management begins Academic Year 2012-2013

Everyone knows that Professional Regulatory of Real Estate Service (PRC-PRBRES) and the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) have been aggressively working on the finalization and soon-to-be implementation of a 4-year bachelor's degree course that capable universities and colleges in the Philippines can offer, beginning Academic Year 2012-2013. True enough, by virtue of the 380th Regular Commission En Ban Resolution No. 243-2011 dated September 26, 2011, CHED Memorandum Order (MO) No. 28 was signed and released - an explanatory writing of the Bachelor of Science in Real Estate Management, or shortly called, BS REM.

In the said memorandum, policies, standards and guidelines were specified, signaling that, indeed, the much awaited FOUR-YEAR COURSE for Real Estate Practice - one that is under direct educational jurisdiction of CHED and licensure accountability of PRBRES - is final and real. Should there be a first set of enrollees for this course next year, the participating schools shall produce its first set of BS REM graduates in 2016, and PRBRES shall hold it's first licensure examination for 4-year BS REM graduates on the same year.   

However, PRBRES has not reported any dismissal of the 2012 Broker's and Appraiser's Licensure Examinations, tentatively scheduled on March and July, respectively. After a very successful first run of board examination under sole organization of PRBRES, some are even sighting that from 2012 until 2015 or 2016, licensure examinations will still proceed, with the same requirement as RA 9646 imposed: that an application for registration with examination must be a college graduate. 

Whether fact or fiction, bottomline is - it is NOW or NEVER. With the pacing that CHED and PRBES have been showing since RA 9646 was born in 2009, it is not impossible for them to quickly alter previous decisions on licensure examinations between 2012 to 2016. No one can deny nor confirm if 2012 will REALLY be the last for now.  

THUS, we encourage all interested examination takers to TAKE THE OPPORTUNITY NOW, or REGRET LATER. Four years is too far of a comparison from the current 120-hour requirement. Some say it boils down to whether you are a successful seller or not, or how many transactions you are able to close, however, there is no better feeling of performing a lifetime of money-making career THE RIGHT WAY. While there is a saying that goes, "no harm, no foul," would you rather be guilt-free than take the risk of  getting caught as a "colorum practitioner?"    

With the turnout of events, specifically the emergence of this Memorandum, strengthening the 4-year course BS REM, an individual who aspires to be part of the real estate industry must not think too long anymore. 


CES Academy is currently accepting reservations for its BATCH 4 seminar starting this November 25. For details, please click here.

Some prefer a January-February schedule, because it is closer to the proposed examination date. However, we cannot guarantee that classes will be open on those months. Should there be, SLOTS will be limited.

For a summary of CHED M.O. 28, dated September 26, 2011, please click here.


Early bird rate: P3,500 until November 15!
Reserve for a group of 10 before November 15, and pay P3,000 per head only!

CES Academy is going to the shores of Camarines!

CES Academy, through an invitation of its local real estate practitioners, is holding a ONE-DAY ONLY Continuing Professional Education (CPE) for Salespersons on December 7, 2011. It will be held at Terrace Grill, Central Plaza Complex, Lag-on, Daet, Camarines Norte.

Salespersons who are at least a second-year college degree holder will be needing this 12-hour CPE seminar as a REQUIREMENT for the registration and licensing at PRC.

For more information and details on the reservation, please contact:
Tess at 09392405776
Rose at 09186685124.


Start your career in real estate THE RIGHT WAY.
Be a LICENSED salesperson by starting with US. 


BATCH 4 CRES now open for reservations!


The FIRST 60 HOURS of the Batch 4 CRES for Brokers will have a NEW VENUE:

Dates: November 25,26,27, December 2,3,4, 2011
Time: 8 am to 7pm
NEW VENUE: 3rd floor Amphitheater Hall, iAcademy Building
                      Ayala Avenue, Makati City
      (beside Enterprise Building, fronting Philippine Stock Exchange)

NOTE: This schedule replaces the formerly announced CRES that supposedly will start this October 28. The latter has been canceled and replaced with this new schedule, which will start November 25.

Choose between a 60-hour or 120-hour program!


1. Call/text email us to inquire if there are still available slots -- REMINDER, SLOTS ARE QUICKLY FILLING IN!

Landline: (02) 9417929
Mobile: 09174996544
Email: cesacademy@cesson.com.ph

2. Deposit P3000 (for 60 hours) or P6000 (for 120 hours) to the following bank details:

Account Name: Cesar E. Santos Real Estate Academy, Inc.
Account No.: S/A No. 6510023112
Bank: BDO-Marikina Bayan-Bayanan Branch

3. Fax or email your deposit slip to have it acknowledged and to confirm your slot.

Be part of the review center that has been trusted by thousands of successful practitioners in the past ten years!



Join our 60-hour and 120-hour Comprehensive Real Estate Seminars (CRES)!

Don't forget to join our TEACHER'S MONTH PROMO for a chance to get a 50% DISCOUNT on your 60-hour CRES!

60-HOUR CRES: What to Expect

It's barely three weeks before the start of our third batch of Comprehensive Real Estate Seminar (CRES) for the 2012 Broker's Examination, and a lot are asking, WHAT CAN I EXPECT IN THE 10-DAY, 10 HOURS PER DAY SEMINAR?

We've prepared for you a 60-hour Course Outline, based on the Table of Specifications last March 27, 2011 Broker's Licensure Examination. Note that these subjects are, in our opinion, the "most probable subjects" that will come out, and additional topics that the PRC-PRBRES might want to add will definitely be covered during the General Review.

First day:

1. Legal requirements for Real Estate Service
2. Opportunities in Real Estate (as practice, as business)
3. Fundamentals of Property Ownership in Real Estate (Title, Torrens System, LRA, RD, Assessor's Office, Lot plotting, Due Diligence)

Second day:

1. Real Estate Brokerage practice (Marketing process, Legal forms, General Brokerage vs. Project Selling, Computations)
2. Subdivision Development and related laws (PD 957,BP 220, RA 6552, Computations in installment rights and refund, Project costing)
3. Joint Venture concept in Real Estate (Manner of sharing, tax aspect, rights and undertakings, Forms)
4. Condominium Concept (Forms of ownership, Rights of unit owner, Tax, Dissolution, Acquisition of foreign citizen)

Third day:

1. Local Taxation: Local Government Code of 1991 (Fundamentals, Kinds of taxable real estate, Assessor's Office, Treasurer's Office, Assessment levels, Penalties for late payment, Auction of real estate, Computations)
2. National Taxation: BIR (Doc Stamp on sale and mortgage, CGT, CWT, Ordinary asset vs. Capital asset, Installment vs. Deferred sale, Sale of personal residence, BIR market value, BIR zonal value, Percentage tax, VAT, Donor's Tax, Estate Tax - rates, due dates, penalties)
3. Documentation and Registration (purposes, conveyances, processes, BIR, Treasurer's Office, RD, Assessor's Office)

Fourth day:

1. Basic Appraisal for Real Estate Brokers (fundamentals, Real Estate Economics - Principles of Value, Forces that Influence Value)
2. Legal Aspect of Sale, Lease and Mortgage
3. Real Estate- related Laws

Fifth day:

1. Real Estate Financing (forms, terminologies, computations, simple interest, diminishing balance, Mathematics of Investment Formulas, Pag-ibig Fund financing)
2. Urban and Land Use (RA 7279, CARL, CARPER)
3. Basic Principle of Ecology
4. Code of Ethics

Sixth day: 

1. Recapitulation of real estate subjects
2. Mock examination (2 parts)
3. Graduation and issuance of Certificate of Attendance


CES Academy participates in the "Teachers Month" thru a PROMO!

President Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III has recently approved Proclamation No. 242 or the "National Teachers Month, " which means every year the country is to create a month-long celebration in commemoration of our respected and devoted teachers. The Department of Education (DepEd) leads the campaign this year and it shall culminate on October 5, 2011.

October 5 is the date that the UNESCO designated as "World Teacher's Day." It is a worldwide celebration of a teacher's central role of guiding the children, youth, and even adults through the life-long learning process.

This year's theme is "My Teacher, My Hero": a celebration of the unique role and service that teachers play in guiding families, strengthening communities, and building the nation.

CES Academy, a review center that believes in the power of good education, is one with the nation in the said campaign. We truly believe that our teachers provide positive influences in the Filipino learners, that in effect contributes to societal prosperity and national development. 

As promised, we support this cause by creating a PROMO for our the 60-hour CRES for brokers!

Get the chance to slash P5,000 OFF YOUR SEMINAR FEE just by following these TWO SIMPLE STEPS:

1. To qualify for the contest, secure a reservation in our 60-hour CRES (P3,000). Anyone can join, even our former students! The reservation is TRANSFERABLE. So, reserve for a family member or a friend, and join the contest for them! Every reservation entitles you to TWO (2) entries.

2. Answer this simple question: How can real estate education contribute in your success? You may answer through FACEBOOK, TWITTER, EMAIL, TEXT, or WEBSITE. 

Sample Answer: My real estate education helped me understand the problems and selling concerns I encountered in the past as an agent. Now that I've become a broker, I am able to gain trust from my clients because I can already answer them in their transaction concerns, from start 'til end!
Sample Answer: I have been exposed in the real estate industry my entire life because this is the bread and butter of my parents. I saw how we survived life's financial trials, and came from nothing to something. Because of my parents' success stories, I am very motivated to follow their footsteps and build a successful career out of real estate on my own. 

3. Deadline for entries is on SEPTEMBER 25, 2011. We will announce the THREE (3) WINNERS of P5,000 discount the next day.


If we like your entries so much, we MIGHT give P1,000 discounts to MORE PARTICIPANTS! 

Remember, you only need to 1) RESERVE and 2) REPLY to our question. Since every reservation gives you two valid entries, chances of winning the 50% discount are DOUBLED!


120 hours or 60 hours?

We are getting a lot of inquiries on how they can earn the 120 hours of Comprehensive Real Estate Seminar and Training (CRESAT) required by PRC for the upcoming March 2012 Broker's Licensure Examination. 

The answer is: THERE ARE MANY WAYS, and it depends on how you would like your hours credited.

PRC-PRBRES is considerate of those who have actual experience and training in the real estate selling already, that is why in the IRR of the RESA Law, they have stated that "the 120 hours seminar and trainings are satisfied, for purposes of compliance of the respective applications, as follows:
a) 60 hours lecture, classroom, and/or seminar hours on real estate subjects, and/or modules unde a comprehensive real estate seminar and review (CRESAR) , credit units/hours earned in any accredited seminar, convention, lecture of an accredited service provider;
b) 60 hours of on-the-job training, apprenticeship, and/or workshop as certified by i) a registered and licensed real estate broker; ii) a duly licensed and registered real estate developer; iii) accredited service providers for workshops."

 So whether you have past or present real estate work experience or not, you still get to enjoy the same 60-60 crediting hour provision.

To put it in a more "structured" perspective, here is a map to help you understand the 60-60 hour crediting:

Now, the next question is: WHAT IF I JUST TAKE A FULL 120-HOUR PROGRAM?

This is the easiest way possible, BUT more expensive (think doubling up the 60-hour CRES fee). But, for some, getting 120-hours straight lecture is more effective in terms of understanding and memory retention. 

Right now, CES ACADEMY is holding a 3rd batch of 60-HOUR CRES, and will also hold some more batches on October, November, December, until January 2012. But if there is a NEED for us to stretch our schedule to 120 HOURS, then we will certainly think about it. 



Post your comments HERE and on our facebook page.



After the first successful PRC-initiated Broker's and Appraiser's Licensure Examination last March and July respectively, we are OVERWHELMED at the same time GRATEFUL not only for the many participants who trusted us in their review, but also to the HIGH PERCENTAGE PASSING RATE that we were able to achieve!

To celebrate, we invite our students to our VICTORY and FELLOWSHIP NIGHT on September 17, 2011, 5pm, at 5th Floor Function Room, Harvester Corporate Center, P. Tuazon, Cubao, Quezon City. 

Lots of prizes and giveaways to give away, and RECOGNITION will be given to our students who made it to the TOP TEN!

Best of all, this is a time not only to reunite with our classmates, study groups, but also a chance to MEET NEW PEOPLE and BROADEN OUR REAL ESTATE NETWORK! Business and pleasure all in one!


Tickets are sold for P300 each, and includes a sumptous buffet dinner, giveaways, unlimited photobooth, raffle prize entries, and SO MUCH MORE!

We are also giving away a souvenir program with COMPLETE STUDENT DIRECTORY for your future referral needs :)


- Advertise your businesses!
- Advertise your listings!
- Even put a personalized congratulatory message for your study groups!

Contact KRISKA (09178227390) for marketing packages and pledges.  


Reservation for Broker's CRES Starts NOW!

For other inquiries, please call 9417929 and look for Tricia/Roal.


10 Social Media Lifeskills for Real Estate Professionals

I found this article while browsing over real estate tips in the internet. A good read, and I'm sharing the full text with everyone. Hope we learn a thing..or should I say 10 things from this. :)

If you have kids, then you probably know that most schools teach character education along with the ABC’s and 123′s. And when I was teaching elementary school, there were 10 lifeskills in particular that I focused on with my class each year: integrity, active listening, effort, respect, caring, responsibility, cooperation, trustworthiness, courage, diligence.

These lifeskills set the stage for better communication between teacher and student, student and student, and even child and parent. The lifeskills provided me with the opportunity to help my students interact more positively, engage in cooperative learning, and problem solve when disagreements arose.

With the advent of new marketing techniques (namely social media strategies), it seems rather apparent that we should infuse the lifeskills we learned back in the day (when we began learning to better communicate and cooperate) within our current business goals and strategies. So I’ve taken character education full circle here by suggesting the following: “10 Social Media Lifeskills for Real Estate Professionals”.

1.       Integrity- Be the real you. Strive for authentic engagement by being the same person you are online that you are offline. Instead of selling what you do, share who you are and your daily experiences. And when it comes to your avatar (profile picture) be a person, not a real estate logo. People connect with people, not signs and buildings.

2.       Active Listening- Although it’s important to share your  interests, it’s even more important to pay attention to others. Learning what your network is passionate about only helps you ask better questions, provide better resources, and become a better advisor.  Who’s Talkin? and SocialMention are 2 social search engines that make it even easier to monitor certain people and topics you care about.

3.       Effort- Add value! Know your expertise and passion well enough to identify resources that may be helpful to your network.  If you’re not sure where to look for great resources, try a social bookmarking tool like Delicious or Digg where others share their favorite articles. Monitor your resources and share regularly, provide your own insight and strategies for implementation.

4.       Respect- You gotta give it to get it! Show respect for others, even your “competitors” in your niche. And when it comes to connecting with new people on social networks like Facebook or Linkedin, consider sending a brief authentic message explaining why you’d like to connect or how you know them. Don’t bombard people with spammy or salesy messages. Social Media is NOT about hard-selling, it’s about mutual respect.

5.       Caring- Reach out to others, colleagues and clients alike! And do good things without being asked like retweeting others tweets, “liking” or commenting on Facebook posts, and commenting on or praising blog articles you enjoy. Connect and befriend local clients and business owners online.  For example, join local interest or business based Facebook groups that you care about or want to get involved with, or create your own. Join or volunteer for a local cause. This shows how much you care about the city and neighborhoods you work and live in.

6.       Responsibility- Think before you act and take responsibility for your social interactions. If you write an article or share a resource that you found from someone else, be sure to source that person by linking back to the original article or a social profile. If you make a mistake or offend someone unknowingly, apologize. And be sure to welcome feedback and be responsive to it.

7.       Cooperation- Sometimes you can get to your goal that much faster by collaborating. Share and work together with others in the real estate industry or in your local market area. Draw upon the strengths of others and pool your resources whether it’s organizing an event, creating helpful Web content, or asking for help with a project.  For example, co-host a blog based or Facebook contest, help plan a Tweetup or nearby REBarCamp, guest-post on local business or interest based blogs, co-author a local ebook for homeowners, co-sponsor a charity event, etc.

8.       Trustworthiness- If you make a promise to someone, then do it.  Don’t be a slim shady and betray someone’s trust in you. That’s the fastest way to get unfollowed or unfriended. Provide clear expectations on your blog and social profiles about the real estate services you DO provide. If you list your expertise as working with independent women homeowners, make sure you deliver that expertise online and when working with clients. That’s how you become your network’s trusted advisor!

9.       Courage- Try something new! Are you interested in getting your feet wet with video? Don’t be afraid to dive in and give something a try! It’s all a learning process anyway, and even failed attempts can be endearing!

10.   Diligence- Create a custom social media marketing plan for your real estate business and commit to it. Schedule daily check-in times for maintaining your social profiles and/or read and research time for blog articles. Be consistent!

One last reminder….measure what you make! If you share a resource via Twitter or Facebook, use a URL tracking tool like BudURL, Cli.gs, or Bitly. If you blog, be sure to take advantage of what good analytics can tell you, try Google Analytics or GetClicky.com. Studying what your clients do or don’t react to can provide you with insight as to what kind of content or resources your network finds helpful! This way you can reach more folks and keep the conversation flowing!


For more reads, visit their website: www.mytechopinion.com

What a Real Estate Salesperson Needs to Know

On August 16, 2011, The Manila Standard Today published the full text of the Professional Regulatory Board of Real Estate Service (PRBRES) Resolution 13, dubbed, "The Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) of RA 9646, and Issuance of the Guidelines on the Accreditation of Real Estate Salespersons under the same section."

The said resolution enumerated several guidelines on the qualifications, requirements and application procedure for the PRC accreditation of real estate salespersons.

What are the qualifications in applying for a real estate salesperson accreditation at PRC?
In general, the following are the qualifications: (Category 1)
  • Filipino citizen
  • At least 2nd year in college, or has earned at least 72 units in college
  • Good moral character
  • Prior work experience is not required

Can salespersons who are at least high school graduates apply?
No, they cannot apply for a salesperson's license. 

Back in 2011, all HS-graduate salesperon applicants who were either: DTI/HLURB-licensed already (category 2) or 3 years in active practice with a developer (category 3), were given the privilege to apply at PRC. However, they were given a deadline until July 30 2011 (the same deadline for the grandfather clause of brokers, appraisers, consultants and assessors). It was extended until December 31, 2011, and further moved to January 2, 2012, since the former fell on a weekend. In June 2012, a final seven-working day extension was given to the said applicants, and after which, real estate salesperson that are in the HS-graduate categories can no longer apply to PRC.
What are the requirements for all applicants of salesperson accreditation?
  • Original and photocopy of NSO Birth Certificate/Certificate of Live Birth
  • Original and photocopy of NSO Marriage Certificate/Contract (for married female only)
  • Original NBI Clearance (must be valid)
  • Passport-size photos with complete nametag below, on white background
  • 1x1 photos with complete nametage below, on white background
  • Recent Community Tax Certificate (CTC) or "cedula"
  • Duly-accomplished application form 
  • Transcript of Records (TOR) showing proof of educational attainment
  • Notarized 12-hour CPE certificate from an accredited service provider
What are the steps in applying for the salesperson's license?
1. Submit the filled-up or accomplished application with documents for pre-evaluation to the Office of the Secretary. PRBs or the Assistant Secretary, ORBs (3rd floor Main Building) at the PRC Central Office, and the Regional Offices processing counters.

2. Proceed to the cashier for payment of fees P600.00 (Ground floor, Main Building)

3. Proceed to the Customer Service Center for metered documentary stamp.

4. Submit duly accomplished application form to the Office of the Assistant Secretary, PRBs (3rd floor)

5. Verify the status of your application at the PRC website.  

6. Within a reasonable period, the enrolled accredited salespersons shall be issued with their identification cards (ID), containing the data or items that are material to the use thereof in their practice as real estate accredited salespersons.




Please be informed that the AUGUST 22 CPE for Salespersons (Monday) has been CANCELLED


Those who have previously reserved for the August 22 CPE are advised to transfer to the August 24 schedule. 

FEE:                P1,850 per head
P1,650/head for 20-40 salespersons
P1,550/head for 41-50 salespersons
P1,350/head for 51-80 salespersons  

 INCLUSIONS:              Comprehensive Real Estate Training Manual
                                        Morning, lunch and afternoon meals (dinner not included)
                                        Accreditation to PRC
                                        Notarized Certificate of Attendance (PRC requirement)
SOLE LECTURER:     Mr. Cesar E. Santos, Sr.

To reserve, please deposit FULL AMOUNT (or 50% downpayment to group discount takers)  to the following bank details:

Account Name: Cesar E. Santos Real Estate Academy, Inc.
Account No.: S/A No. 6510023112
Bank: BDO-Marikina Bayan-Bayanan Branch

Please fax a copy of your deposit slip to 9417929. Put the note: CPE SALESPERSONS AUG 2011, with your full name and contact details.


For more details, please call/email TRICIA or ROAL at:
+63.2 941 7929
+63.917 499 6544


12-hour Continuing Professional Education (CPE) for SALESPERSONS

CESAR E. SANTOS Real Estate Academy is inviting you to join our...


DATES:           August 22, August 24, 2011 (12 HOURS PER DAY)

         Harvester Corporate Center, P. Tuazon, Cubao, Quezon City
FEE:                P1,850 per head

P1,650/head for 20-40 salespersons
P1,550/head for 41-50 salespersons
P1,350/head for 51-80 salespersons

INCLUSIONS:              Comprehensive Real Estate Training Manual
                                        Morning, lunch and afternoon meals (dinner not included)
                                        Accreditation to PRC
                                        Notarized Certificate of Attendance (PRC requirement)
SOLE LECTURER:     Mr. Cesar E. Santos, Sr.

To reserve, please deposit FULL AMOUNT (or 50% downpayment to group discount takers)  to the following bank details:

Account Name: Cesar E. Santos Real Estate Academy, Inc.
Account No.: S/A No. 6510023112
Bank: BDO-Marikina Bayan-Bayanan Branch

Please fax a copy of your deposit slip to 9417929. Put the note: CPE SALESPERSONS AUG 2011, with your full name and contact details.


For more details, please call/email TRICIA or ROAL at:
+63.2 941 7929
+63.917 499 6544